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Used machines

Activators - blowers / AD000

Hobnailing machine / CW000

Punching-press / perforating machine / DZ000

Heavy and normal polishing machines/ DR000

Double up machines / SCD000

Forming machines / FP000

Milling machine / FR000

Sticking machines / KL000

Cutting machines / KR000

Painting machines / ML000

Machines for belts / MP000

Machines for bottoms / SDK000

Hammers - patting around machines / MO000

Cutting and trimming machins / SKW000

Inoculating machines / riveting machines

Pressing and stroking machines / PR000

Pressing and forming machines / PF000

Fastening and screwing up machines / PRY000

Double up machines / SC000

Stamping and numbering machines / STN000

Sewing automats / SZL000

Sewing / SZ000

Bridge cutting out machines

Brachial cutting out machines / SKR000

Automatic line for pulveraceous painting