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CRYOGEL ZHeel hobnailing machine with nails and middle-foot using glu

Tip hobnailing machine with before-hobnailing
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Tip hobnailing machine with before-hobnailing

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The machine to trickery and to moulding the tips of the shoe - PM 800 is the automatic device with the possibility of programming for the help of the tactile screen. He is she designed to executing the various type of processings in the hobnailing process (in manful, ladies', kiddy, working footwear with enlarged durability and with special units, sewed together the type ldeal and Good Year).
All the the main axises of movements are equipped in the hydraulic drive. The devices stepping out in the piece working the shoe which are pneumatic are except.
The simple system of the programming acts the device in uses about large requirements in the face of efficiency to very comfortable and particularly useful, as also for manufacturers producing the footwear of the high quality in the large number of changes on productive lines with dividers.
One can programme to 120 various examples in the memory of the device. Machine engine is equipped in the system of quick connectors surrounding the various types of hooves.
He is she equipped in muff joint to the installation sucking in to guard letting persons operators before acting harmful vapours during the work.
The car-diagnostic system allows to solve almost all problems, what he limits the superfluous standstills of machine engine considerably.
Machine engine is constructed to standards CE according.
Machine engine PM 800 is equipped in 9 ixodic connectors about the various strength of pulling grouped in 4 independent groups. She is equipped in the adjustment of the pressure of all active units used in the working cycle. He possesses the of oil useful radiator in the case of high exploational temperatures and in the system of independent opening individual connectors.

Technical specification
height 1900 mm
width 1100 mm
1700 mm
pneumatic admission 6 bar
power steers 0,75 kW
power of heaters 1,3 kW
power of the engine 3 kW
4,6 kW
1600 pairs / 8 hours
netto weight
1310 kg