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Tip hobnailing machine with before-hobnailingHeel-sides hobnailing machine / CW004

Heel hobnailing machine with nails and middle-foot using glu
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Heel hobnailing machine with nails and middle-foot using glu

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The connection of well checked pneumatic chucks of machine to formation the pieces on heel and well-known mechanism of formation from the side of glue with the success fulfils requirements double functional systems of formation of the all types shoes. This is also the good solution to formation of the moccasins in one round. The advantages of machine CF 988 are the sequence of the formation of the shoe which he begins from the choke of the shoe and ends on the place of planting the heel. One can avoid the formation of crashes and fold among the choke thanks to this, and the heel. Operation this is executed by two groups of the side pliers which adjust to mould and the height of all types of shoes automatically. Ticks stretching assure the exact adhesion of shoe-tops to hoof. Heel he can be shaped with the use of nails 22-20-18-16 mm. Machine is steered by the microprocessor system with the possibility of the programming and storage in the memory about length from 7 to 13 the many parameters. The system is equipped in functions autodiagnostic informing about all faults in the work of the device on his display. The high quality of units and the raw controls of machine guarantee the trouble-free and non-stop production, even near the largest intensity of the exploitation of the device and in the worst conditions.

Technical specification
electric admission
power steering 1,0 kW
power of heaters 0,7
power 2,2 kW
power of engines 2,2 kW
1000 pair/ 8 hour
capacity of the reservoir of oil 60 lt
waste of the air 40 lt at 6 bar
2100 mm
1400 mm
1300 mm
netto weight
1140 kg

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